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Exactly what we need.

Cannabis is one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. Not only is it rich in nutrients and trace elements, but it is also environmentally friendly - as it is 100% free from pesticides and herbicides.

Who now thinks, that it is about something forbidden - lies absolutely wrong! Cannabis belongs, as well as the hop, to the plant family of the Cannabaceae and is well adapted to the Central European climate. The cannabis plant is the most productive fiber plant of Europe.

Favourably for the cultivation of cannabis are profound, humose and hard grounds with a good water supply. His climatic claims resemble those of our summer grain, as for example summer barley and oat. An optimum climate originates from the thick, shady continuance of a cannabis field for micro-organisms, which brings a raised activity and provides a positive effects for the ground.

Cannabis is long lasting in many respects. This already begins with the cultivation of the undemanding plant which is one of the oldest useful plants in Europe and achieves in Austria yields from up to eight tonnes per hectare. She is ecologically friendly, because the strong plant will hardly strike from illnesses, must thereby not be treated with pesticides and herbicides and today is with quite a lot of farmers a popular interfruit which improves the ground on top of that.

The green-grayish, plump fruits, contains predominantly simply and several times unsaturated fatty acids. The relation of the several times unsaturated fatty acids to the saturated fatty acids is nutritionally very favorable. At the same time cannabis contains in regards to the other herbal foods a lot of protein and a remarkably high content of B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. The kinds of LE CANNABIS we use, are selected with the help of strict quality control and security criteria. From the character it is mild and fruity, with a low Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol content (THC) of less than 0.3%.

We say: "Cannabis is what we make from it."