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He is here. Our first BIO Moodlifter Drink bottled in 100% recyclable aluminum cans.

For the consumer, the beverage can is above all light, unbreakable and space-saving. In addition, thanks to the hermetic seal, there is no need for special tamper-evident protection: when the consumer takes the can off the shelf, it is ensured that the product is in its untouched, originally packaged condition. Due to its stackability and low weight, it offers optimal volume efficiency for storage and distribution. The volume efficiency of the beverage can is also advantageous for the retail trade, as it requires less space on the shelf. According to a current study by the EHI Retail Institute, beverage cans cause lower costs in wholesaling and retailing than reusable bottles.

The advantages of unbreakable packaging include not only its volume advantages, but also its 100% recyclability. Recycling the metal requires only 5% of the energy that was needed for its original extraction. This means:

"The use of recycled aluminum means a 95% lower energy consumption than the use of new aluminum and thus reduces CO2 emissions."

The beverage can is the most commonly recycled beverage packaging in the world. Of course, this is only possible if the cans are collected and fed into the recycling loop. If a can is carelessly thrown away, it cannot realize its recycling potential. Unfortunately, throwing away is still a problem in some regions.

"When you ensure that your can ends up in a bin or recycling bin, you are actively contributing to unspoiled nature, increasing the recycling rate and reducing energy consumption by 95% and the consumption of natural resources."

In Austria, LE CANNABIS supports the initiative "throwing in instead of throwing away", which was launched by the local economy together with Altstoffrecycling Austria (ARA) to raise awareness for recycling and to promote new ideas to reduce littering.

This is intended to make it clear to the public throughout Austria that it is absolutely not okay to simply throw away packaging and not dispose of it properly.