LE CANNABIS is glad about your visit on our website, and we appreciate your interest in our enterprise and in our products. We take seriously the protection of your private data and we would want that you feel comfortable in the visit of our Internet sites. The protection of your privacy by the processing of personal data is for us an important concern which we consider within our commercial processes. We process personal datas which are obtained during the visit of our web sites in accordance to the data protection-juridical regulations of the country in which the responsible place for the data processing is domiciled. LE CANNABIS web sites links of other suppliers to which this data protection explanation does not apply are not covered by our regulations.

Elevation and processing of personal datas

If you visit our web sites, our web servers normally stores the IP address which was assigned to you by your Internet service provider, the web site from which you visit us, the web pages which you visit with us, as well as the date and the duration of your visit. Personal datas are stored only if you give this on your own, e.g., within the scope of a registration, a survey, a competition or for the realisation of a contract with us.

Use and passing on of personal data and purpose connection

LE CANNABIS uses your personal data for the purposes of technical administration for the web sites, for the customer management, for product surveys and for the marketing only in the extent necessary in each case of it. Transmissions of personal data to state facilities and authorities occur only within the scope of compelling national regulations. Our employees, agencies and traders are obliged by us to the highest confidentiality.


We would like to use your data to be able to inform you about our products and services and to question you if necessary over here. Of course the participation in such actions is voluntary. If you should not agree herewith, you can inform us of this any time, so that we can close the data accordingly. You find further information on the respective website.


LE CANNABIS uses Cookies to enable us and to pursue preferences of the visitors and to be able to form optimally the web sites accordingly. Cookies are small files which are filed on your hard disk. This allows a relief of the navigation and a high degree of user friendliness of a website. Cookies also help us in the identification of especially popular areas of our Internet offering. Thus we can tune the contents of our Internet sites more specific to your needs and improve therefore our offer for you. Cookies can be used to find out whether from your computer already a communication has existed to our sides. Merely the Cookie on your computer is identified. Personal data can be stored in Cookies when you have agreed, e.g. to make easier a protected on-line access, so that you must not give user ID and password once more.

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