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Products and prices

It is possible, that after press release there are some changes with products and achievements can occur.

Construction changes or deformations, divergences in the tone as well as changes of the scope of supply or achievement extent on the part of the manufacturer are left during the delivery time, provided that the changes or divergences are reasonable taking into account the LE CANNABIS interests within the scope of the customer. The pictures can also contain accessories, special editions or other extents which do not belong to the extent of delivery or achievement extent. Colour divergences are technically caused. Single sides can also contain products and achievements which are not offered in single countries. Statements about legal, juridical and tax regulations and effects have validity only for Austria.

The prices are valid on the day of the delivery or as provisory different regulation mentioned in the terms of sale and terms of delivery. For our contracting partners the prices are meant to be a non-binding recommended price. Hence ask please, on the last state neither an establishment or a contracting partner.


Where not differently mentioned, there are all on the LE CANNABIS Internet sites visible brands legally protected trade marks, this is valid in particular for the product names as well as all logos and emblems of the enterprise.